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Rainbow Leopard Waist Trainer 3 Hook

Rainbow Leopard Waist Trainer 3 Hook

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Designed with lasting results in mind, these long-torso trainers comfortably take you from the gym, work, and beyond. You’ll instantly create a sexy hourglass shape every time you wear it. Then, get permanent inches off your waist over time. The waist training trend is a lifestyle choice that gets both celebrities and regular women purring.

Our premium waist trainers are proudly imported from Colombia, the home of authentic and effective waist trainers. The leopard trainer comes with 3 hook-and-eye rows, so you can customize your fit as your waist gets smaller. FlexiBoning rods add structure to the squeeze, but they’re extremely flexible to allow for comfortable movement. They’re dual-layered with a latex exterior and breathable cotton lining, so you get maximum waist training and all-day comfort.

The Angel Curves Difference:

  • Premium Colombian-made waist trainer for authentic results
  • Long-torso style perfect for taller women and maximum coverage
  • 3 Hook-and-eye rows, so you can adjust as your waist gets smaller
  • Increases core thermal activity, promotes sweat, and improves posture to give you an edge over weight loss
  • Latex exterior for premium constriction, and a soft cotton lining for all-day comfort

It’s never been easier to achieve the curvy figure of your dreams. Achieve lasting results over time by wearing it 6-8 hours a day for 4 weeks. You’ll lose up to 4-inches off your waist! Our quality trainers are built to stay strong for daily use as the inches disappear.



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